Trends In Kanjeevaram Wedding Pattu Sarees

Trends In Kanjeevaram Wedding Pattu Sarees

It is not a surprise that our ancestors chose the months of December-January to stage the cultural colours of the region, as it is followed by the wedding season. Walk with your head held high with some of the latest saree trends this season when you attend any wedding or for your own special day!

Motif Silk Saree

The world is filled with shapes and structures. That said, who wouldn’t love a annapakshi or a peacock in their silk saree? Motif silks as the name suggests, paints you in adorable patterns coming up in stunning colours, making a statement for the occasion. Motif is to silk as kalamkari is to cotton. It’s all in the vivid designs which are beautifully woven all over the saree or along the border and pallu.

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Half and Half Sarees

Imagine having complementary colours on the body of your saree, as an extension of the traditional double colour Pattu. One half waves with a bright colour and other half completely complements it in the body of the saree.

Partly Pallu Sarees

Partly pallu offers a guaranteed good look as the single and layered pleats bring in the richness of this saree. They come in matching pleat and pallu colour and design. The rest of the body is usually filled with a palette that highlights the partly pallu look. Go for this if you want to stand out in any occasion

Checked Silk Sarees

Sarees with checks on their body are the most Indian ones for we are the torchbearers of paalum pazhamum kattam (multi-colored checks), zari checks, Muthu kattam (with subtle motifs) and podi kattam that is the micro and graph checks and the madras checks in the recent times. Imagine having a border that sets the tone for these checks to be highlighted from a distance despite the fabric teeming with checks! That is the promise of a check design saree – a grandeur look!

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Big Border Silk Sarees

 Big borders are refashioning after a hiatus because a lot of modern women seem to prefer a grand look for occasions. Radhe Krishna love story for new brides, bird design in diagonal cut big border, traditional motifs like mango border for the majestic seniors and this weave is just spinning with colour bursts.

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