The S Studio’s Woman Of Substance – Dr. Meenakshi

The S Studio’s Woman Of Substance – Dr. Meenakshi

Meet Dr. Meenakshi, a humanitarian and one of the leading gynecologists in Chennai. She was academically brilliant, while also pursuing the arts with equal ease while growing up. Becoming a doctor and helping people was what she aspired for from a very young age. She gives her 100% in whatever she does and believes that excellence is a virtue and a habit that can be cultivated. Always elegantly clad, Dr. Meenakshi is known for her sense of style and choice of sarees, let’s get to know more about her….

What inspires you or drives you and the person behind your inspiration?

Early in my practice, I saw many of my patients who were in a lot of pain and discomfort after surgery. This used to affect me, and I used to think a lot about how I can help them. I got to know about Laproscopic procedures through my mentor and teacher Dr. Rakesh Sinha. He was a motivational speaker and a true visionary and the person who inspired me to take up minimal access surgery. Today, I’m so glad that I get to make a difference to the lives of my patients by helping them heal faster and better.

What are your best memories of your childhood?

I was born and brought up in Chennai and in the bustling area of Triplicane. We had a wonderful neighborhood and most of the families were akin to family for me.  We used to celebrate all festivals together. Childhood was a lot of fun, apart from studies I learnt classical singing and dancing as well. In fact, I used to be the female lead in my college music troupe.

What does being a woman mean to you?

Being a woman has given me a lot of confidence in life. My family has always supported me to achieve whatever I wanted in life.  I’m grateful that I’m able to make a small difference and be a support to my patients. Wearing a saree just makes a huge difference to the way I feel and elevates my confidence. I feel wearing a saree brings about both elegance and dignity.

Can you describe your first saree wearing experience?

I have loved wearing sarees since childhood. My mom and sister are dancers and used to wear sarees all the time. I used to think it is cumbersome, but as I grew up I realized that it enhances the beauty and confidence in you.

My first saree was a gift from my mom for scoring top marks for 12th standard. It was a lovely maroon crepe silk saree with gold border. It drapes so well and a very gorgeous colour and I still have it.

What does a saree mean to you?

It is my go-to attire for any occasion. Wearing a saree can really boost your confidence and makes you look beautiful.

What are your favorite sarees?

I love wearing soft silks, kanchipurams and Kalamkari sarees. Soft silks are by far my favorite, the range of colours, the fabric is truly lovely!

A few words on The S Studio

I chanced upon The S Studio through one of their ads and loved their display and collection. Their Soft silks, Kanjeepuram pattu saree or their salwar collections are just lovely fabrics and pure. Lot of care and creativity goes into creating / making each of the sarees. The colour, richness and patterns of their collections are worth mentioning and blouse stitching is a bonus. The S Studio has become my go-to store whenever I need to shop for sarees that are unique and creative. Every woman wants to stand out from the crowd and The S Studio collection ensures that you are a one. I’ve seen people actually turn around and say actually wow!

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