Thai Maasam – An Auspicious Beginning For The Wedding Season

Thai Maasam – An Auspicious Beginning For The Wedding Season

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As the music season dissolves into less frequent concerts and repertoires leading up to Shivarathri cultural programmes, what comes in between Margazhi and the Shivarathri spell is an interesting time of the year, that is the Tamil month of Thai, also called the wedding month. While margazhi paved the way for a reminder to be close to our cultural heritage and art forms, Thai is a strong reminder for us to stay closer to our roots. Classical art forms get the due attention before Thai begins. With the birth of this month, begins the reverence for the folk art forms.

Basically, thai is the month of harvest when farmers reap the fruits of their year long struggles. The first day of Thai has celebrated as Pongal the harvest festival in Tamilnadu which is a way of thanksgiving to the farmers and cattle who help in farming. For this reason, it is also called the month of auspicious beginnings. Business avid people wait for the inception of Thai to begin their newer product line or a venture. New jobs, a new line of study, and a step towards betterment is a promise of Thai. Akin to the season, most parents put a hold on everything else, to simply arrange their children’s weddings in thai. With the season ringing austerity and benign good luck, Thai is officially the season of weddings in South in India. Wedding halls, food caterers and silk saree stores like ‘The S Studio’ are kept busy throughout this season for the most elaborate weddings in the country – South Indian weddings.

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This season sees a sharp rise in the run for fashion – for our women are high on their South Indian fashion sense blending into their traditional attire at their roots. The city blooms in silk and jumps in the joy of bright fashion colours all through the month.

This good fortune is attributed to the movement of the Sun. Between July and January, it moves down south from the north. Come January, the sun moves upwards from south to north. It is this phenomenon that is revered as Uttarayan during which the south of India gets good sunshine and harvest.

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No wonder that any new beginning during this time turns out successful for mankind as a whole since this tradition is rooted in science and has great significance for many centuries. With wedding halls getting booked at Godspeed, you should not think twice but also begin your good vibe shopping for the year by buying silk sarees for your weddings and the festivals that follow. Even the Sun is going north, so what’s a better time to shop for buying wedding silk sarees or for festivals?

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