Soft Silk Sarees – The Choice Of The Nexgen

Soft Silk Sarees – The Choice Of The Nexgen

Soft silks are the all-time favorite for today’s generation of youngsters who want to wear silk sarees which are easy to drape and carry. They are soft and lightweight yet grand in appearance and the best alternative to the traditional Kanchipuram silk sarees.

 As the name goes, soft-silks are thus named because of the softness of the texture and are quite versatile due to the variety of colours and designs they come in. Contrary to the myth, the silk used in the weaving of a soft silk saree is the same as the one used in Kanchipuram silk.


The difference lies in starching the saree- most traditional Kanchipuram silks are heavily starched so that the saree gets draped in a particular way however soft silk sarees are not starched therefore the saree does not get weighed down. They are lightweight, easy to drape and maintain and also comfortable for an all-day wear.

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Soft silks come in a variety of designs and attractive colours and very easy on the purse- most working women prefer to wear handloom soft silks to work in case the occasion demands it. it’s also one of the first choices for folks who want to dress up for any traditional event now-a-days.

Be it an office party, wedding, engagement ceremony or even a visit to the temple, soft silks are most preferred for these occasions.

One of the lesser known facts of soft silk sarees is that it is a weave that belongs to Tamil Nadu just like Kanchipuram silk sarees. Soft silks are hand woven in many places in Tamilnadu including Kanchipuram and the regions near Coimbatore.

Now-a-days what can make one stand apart are the ways in which blouses are paired with the soft-silks sarees, for e.g. a sleeveless blouse for a party but the same saree can be worn with a full-length blouse or an embroidered blouse for a festive wear.

The S Studio specializes in handloom soft silk saree designs where each saree is a true standout. There are half and half sarees, printed soft silks, soft silks with ikat weaving, meenakari woven border,  soft silks with kalamkari applique and so on.

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