Silk Mark: Quality Of Silk Fabrics By Silk Mark

Silk Mark: Quality Of Silk Fabrics By Silk Mark

Indian dresses and the silk thread are made for each other. It is one of the major sources of fibre for casual and celebratory clothing and attire. Indian women love to drape themselves in silk sarees be it a wedding, festival or any special occasion.  

Silk – Queen of Textiles

With the fashion industry advancing and galloping ahead every hour, very many varieties and forms of synthetic fabric have entered the market which are mistaken for pure natural silk. This in a way, has affected the authenticity of natural silk. Despite its stature as the queen of textiles, silk often gets adulterated or duplicated these days robbing of the real silk experience for the consumer.

Silk Mark – the origin:

To facilitate customers to identify original silk, the Government of India came with a proposal of SILKMARK. Silk Mark is a Society which assures quality for the silk made under their tags. Backed by the Central Silk Board, the society serves as an apex body for the development of silk and silk industry in India. Directly serving under the Ministry of textiles, India, the Silk Mark Organisation of India certifies the authenticity of silk with a guaranteed label on the silk product, certifying its quality.

Quality in question – Silk mark, the answer

The Silk Mark logo on a product and its use on a retailer’s website communicates to the Customer that the Retailer is an Authorised User of Silk Mark. By purchasing silk mark labeled products from these Authorised Users, Consumers get an assurance that they are indeed purchasing 100% Natural silk products.

In accordance to authenticate their silk products, The S Studio has aligned with the Central Silk Board of India’s initiative and has acquired the Silk mark for their line of silk clothing. From the maker’s perspective, this is a dignified license that signifies their reputation among the buyers for their integrity in the silk business. From the buyer’s perspective, this is a reassurance for the money spent and their penchant for natural-silk buying needs. The Silk mark thus serves as a reassurance for the authenticity of the silk fabric purchased at The S studio boutique or when you shop Online for pure silk sarees.

Agni Pareeksha – The burn test

Traditionally the threads from a fabric are burnt to prove their authenticity. The fabric in question is closely examined for extra threads at the loose ends and subject to a burn test to reveal the fabric’s true material. To put an end to these kind of tedious process, the Central Silk Board of India has made it mandatory to acquire the license for Silk tag. Owning this license simply means that not everyone who claims to sell silk actually gets to display natural-silk, but the license holders like The S Studio are genuine natural-silk sellers.

How to identify Silk mark?

Silk mark tags are easy to identify on a silk product. Look for the silk mark icon. If it is displayed in the product page of a website – products displayed with this mark are made of pure silk.

In addition to the label, there is a coded and numbered hologram given to the authorized and registered user of the Silk mark which will be attached to the product itself when you make a purchase. No more burn tests but ‘Yes’ to hassle-free trusted pure silk shopping from genuine silk makers like The S Studio

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