6 Different Types Of South Indian Silk Sarees

6 Different Types Of South Indian Silk Sarees

Kanchipuram Silk

Considered the mother of silk, Kanchipuram silk has a sacred sentiment attached to it, since it is believed to have been first woven by the Sage Markandeya for the Gods themselves. Undoubtedly the classic and the finest of all South indian Sarees.

Chettinad Silk

Chettinad silk are the answer to not-so-stiff and crisp silk sarees that are heavy to carry and a tiring affair to maintain. Coming from the roots of a bold town and outskirts of Sivaganga district in Tamilnadu, Chettinad silks are soft and are filled with a variety of traditional borders such as temple border, rudraksham or mango borders.

Mysore Silk

The soft counterpart of the traditional silk, mysore silk simply flows on the body of the wearer allowing them to breathe in ease while carrying an elegant look. The striking feature of Mysore silks is the unconventional plain color combinations.

Ilkal Silk

Ilkal silk from North Karnataka bravely introduces geometric patterns on the body in comparison to the border in most other saree types. These are known for their plain unique colors that flaunt four varieties of borders such as Jari, Gaadi, Gomi and Paraspet.

Ikat Pochampally silk

Ikat silk or Pochampally silk is made uniquely from the city of the same name from Andhra. It prides in bringing geometric designs and abstract designs made by tie and dye technique of the yarn and then weaving them to get intricate patterns on the weave. These saree carry a mood that is sure to rapt the attention of the onlooker.

Gadwal silk

Pure Gadwal silk sarees are an exhibit of sheer intricacy and sensual bright colors. Gadwal sarees come with specialized fusion of cotton on the body and silk on the borders woven together in a special technique called kuttu.  A 5.5 metre Gadwal saree can fit into a matchbox when folded. These are extremely lightweight and compact for travel and tours without a compromise on comfort.

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