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Gadwal- The legacy

Gadwal sarees, like the name suggests, is a timeless gift tracing its roots to the hamlet of Gadwal in Telengana. Known for its intricate zari work and weightless weave, this centuries old traditional handloom holds a dazzling reputation for its artistic finesse. Woven by generations of exemplary craftsmen, the Gadwal Sarees’ have been granted the status of ‘geographical indication’ for the region of Gadwal.

A divine delight

The uniqueness of Gadwal Pattu Sarees lay in its finesse. This amalgamation of comfort and aesthetic, crafted into six yards of elegance is a favourite even among the divine.

From the days of yore, Gadwal sarees have been the adornment of choice for the Brahmotsavam of Tirupati’s Lord Venkateswara. The process of preparing the Gadwal fabric known as the divine Sesha vasthram for Lord Venkateswara is sacrosanct. The woven vasthram is placed at the altar of Lord Tirumala at Tirupati as an offering. Decked in the finest of Gadwal Silk, this ritual is marks an important event during the Brahmotsavam.

The weaver’s secret – speciality of the gadwall weave
  • While the body of the Gadwal saree consists of cotton fabric – expertly woven by handloom techniques, the border is pure Zari, the perfect embellishment to the garment.
  • Mostly the body of the saree is made of cotton, silk cotton or silk but the border and pallu remains to be 100% silk.
  • Another remarkable aspect of this saree lies in its weaving technique. The body and the border are woven separately and attached during weaving, making the saree have two joints, one horizontal and one vertical. This technique is called kuttu or korvai, a crucial aspect for Gadwal’s rich and bright look.
  • The artistic genius is evident in the zari motifs on the border, one common pattern being the korvai with temple or thazhampoo rekku (kuttu koma border). The intricate zari pattern resembles ornate tapestry often narrating a story.
  • The Gadwal Pattu Sarees are essentially light, especially when compared to the pure kancheevaram sarees, and are often mimicked as being able to be folded into the size of a matchbox signifying the light weight nature of gadwall silk sarees.

The Rise to Global Fame

The Gadwal Pattu has travelled west creating a huge demand for themselves amongst the population. A testament of skilful craftsmanship and it’s easy to wear ability; the Gadwal is seen as a perfect option for a wedding or any festive occasion.

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