Celebrate The Spirit Of Margazhi With The S Studio

Celebrate The Spirit Of Margazhi With The S Studio

Understanding the Traditional and Scientific Significance of Margazhi:

You know it’s the inception of Margazhi season when the winds get cold and divine music reaches your ears along with sounds of bells ringing, early in the morning. The month of Margazhi is stamped as the time for one’s own spiritual growth through Bhajans, Poojas and cultural programmes. Margazhi brings stability and balance into the system.Waking up early in the morning during Margazhi, a dip in the temple pond particularly at the time of Brahma Muhurtham, chanting the Supreme God’s name and thus indulging in spiritual sadhana creates a strong body balance and works towards the goals of self-improvement. It also has other benefits such as breathing in pure oxygen and enhancing your mind & body with freshness.


Spiritual and cultural connect in Margazhi:

Margazhi also signifies the beautiful artwork drawn as Kolam on the front yard of houses with rice flour. Women also adorn it with flowers and colourful rangoli powder. Men go on singing spree of bhajans called ‘nagasankeertan’ praising the gods and practising utmost devotion. The month consists of huge festivities starting from VaikundaEkadashi to Thiruvadhirai (ArudhraDarisanam) to Krishna PakshaAshtami. It is also the reaping season of Rabi Crops for the farmers and leads to Pongal / Makarasankranti.

Andal Thirupavai:

Andal, a staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu was born in SriVilliputhur in Tamilnadu. She undertook the PaavaiNombu and practised penance in order to marry Lord Vishnu and succeeded in it. Her compilation of poetry called Thirupavai with 30 verses expressing her yearning to serve the Lord for eternity is a gem in the Indian and Tamil Literature. The first verse ‘MargazhiThingal’ is sung in manypoojas and concerts by devotees! It is also believed that chanting Thirupavai by unmarried women and taking up the PaavaiNombu just like Andal, will help in getting a better-half like Lord Vishnu and hence the traditional aspects of Margazhi is sincerely followed by them.

How TheS Studio Celebrates themarghazhi month with you?

In the wake of Margazhi, The S Studio has launched its newest collection of Kanchi Silk Sarees and silk cotton handloom sarees with charming hand-embroidered Kolams in vibrant multi-hues. Enjoy your cultural connect in Marghazhiwith our epitome of silk sarees exclusively from the handlooms of The S Studio and celebrate a month long of auspiciousness.

Buy Traditional Kanchipuram Silk Sarees Online with divine patterns of kolams depicting Margazhi and the life of Andal only from The S Studio!

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