An Intricate Weave, A Delight For The Young: Kora Kanchi Silks

An Intricate Weave, A Delight For The Young: Kora Kanchi Silks

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Kanchi Kora Sarees are a type of mulberry silk that is known for its light weight pure zari in rich colorful combinations. The sheer light weighted sarees are highly preferred by the younger generation. Contrary to most types of silk sarees, the Kanchi kora silks are easy to drape and are a perfect reincarnation of comfort, class and elegance making them a treasure among the saree aficionados.

The Beauty of Rustic Tradition

Touted as the ‘purest’ form of silk kora silk sarees are made from pure mulberry silk. Kora silk is also called ‘Organza kanchi silk’ due to its coarse texture that lends a rustic charm to the weave. The mulberry silk yarn is untreated leaving the saree with a coarse or ‘raw’ texture with a light weight. However, the vibrant colours of the Kanchi kora silk sarees with contrasting rich zari worked pallus are an absolute delight to the eyes and a comfortable drape. The woven handloom in interesting hues like elaichi green overlapping the rani pink or plum colour with the rose selvedge is replete with artistic motifs.

Organza Kanchi Sarees with a Daunting Sheer

The Kora Kanchi, popularly called the Organza Kanchi Saree is an artistic wonder of simple motifs, with rich pallus and zari. Organza Kanchi sarees are known for their crispness and ease of use. They possess a light shimmer on the overpowering darker hues making them an underrated yet elegant evening drape. Well-crafted floral motifs handwoven on lightweight Organza Kanchi with pure zari make them extra festive adding to its comfortable drape.

Light Weight Mystique, A Mix of Modern and Traditional

Kora Kanchi Silk sarees are pure and authentic silk sarees in every aspect and come with a silkmark certificate. However, its light weighted characteristic highly preferred by the younger generation can only mean one thing: The kora kanchi silk is a capable ancestral wonder that can be passed down to the youth with confidence. The unmistakable beauty is certainly admirable by anyone. Its comfort, simplicity and sheer is one that will be cherished by generations to come.

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