5 Types Of Cotton Sarees To Make Your Summer Stylish!

5 Types Of Cotton Sarees To Make Your Summer Stylish!

Style, elegance, class, and simplicity are all exuded by marvellous cotton sarees! Regardless of which event you grace with a cotton drape, it never fails to make a lasting first impression.

Especially in the summers, the breathable and easy-to-style fabric provides the perfect comfortable outfit without a second thought. India is blessed with rich cotton weaves, handcrafted prints, creative embroidery, and the treasure of traditional designs and weaving techniques making your choices endless.

South Cotton sarees with a thread count of 60 to 120 are considered superior quality. The higher the thread count, the softer the saree is! The types of sarees featured here fall under this category.

Get ready to explore the world of cotton sarees. Read on to know how you can style them to make a gorgeous statement.

Chettinad Cotton Sarees

Comfortable and chic are the essences of the Chettinad cotton sarees. The imaginative use of various new colour combinations, patterns, and lines, yields sarees that are unmatched and highly new in trend. The weavers explore traditional motifs and apply them to tall borders that are a delight to style and drape.

Another category in Chettinad Cotton Sarees is the Kandangi which features mesmerising checks in contrasting colours. It showcases pleasing border designs that are a delight to the viewer.

The Kandangi Saree also has a GI tag, meaning Geographical Indication. It is a protected fabric and has a reputation for being the best due to its origin. You are wearing a piece of India’s vast culture every time you pick up this drape!

Kanchi Cotton Sarees

Timeless elegance is personified with Kanchi Cotton Sarees. The age-old traditional handwoven drapes have stood the test of time and are stylish to this day. The beautiful temple borders have a simple glimmer in thread or zari work. Age old designs like the aayiram butta or thousand butta, lakshadeepam sarees make the kanchi cotton saree a heritage weave.

Banarasi Cotton Sarees

Another incredible option for the summer is the heritage Banarasi Cotton weave. While it is simple, the traditional gold motifs add a splendid look. The softness of the cotton is unmatched and it is a blissful experience to wear these sarees. They can easily be maintained throughout the day, making them the best choice of clothing for the summer!

It is unique to Varanasi where the sarees are produced.

Fancy Cotton Sarees

The saree is ageless, but modern styles and new-age designs bring innovation to the drapes! An amazing combination of our heritage weaves along with handloom and digital prints, and the lightweight nature of cotton make saree wearing easy and stylish. If you ever thought that sarees are not for daily wear, these elegant drapes will prove otherwise, especially for the hot weather. Pair these unique drapes including Kota Doria and Maheshwari cotton with beautiful Kalamkari blouse, hand embroidered blouse or an ajrakh blouse.

Mangalagiri Cotton Sarees

We have often found comfort in our grandmas’ soft cotton sarees. That is how gentle the Mangalagiri Cotton Sarees fabric is. Originating in Andhra Pradesh, the soft cotton features micro stripes or checks with a dense zari or cotton border. The craftsmanship is best shown with a flowing pallu and a relaxing drape.

This is yet another saree with a GI tag! The famous Nizam design is characteristic of these sarees and represents the rich weaving craftsmanship.

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