Vaira Oosi Kanchi Silk Saree – The Heritage Kanchipuram Of Timeless Appeal

Vaira Oosi Kanchi Silk Saree – The Heritage Kanchipuram Of Timeless Appeal

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Reviving the memories of childhood,TheS Studio brought back the timeless appeal of Vaira Oosi weave in its traditional Kanchipuram Pure Silk Saree!

The Queen of Sarees: 

Kanchipuram Sarees are known for their wondrous sheen and impeccable weaves. They distinctly stand out because of their vibrant colour palette and contrasting body to pallu shades. The intricately woven pure zari border and the brocade pallu with traditional motifs such as lotus, mango, animals etc. set it a class apart from other silk sarees. Hence it is rightly called ‘The Queen of Sarees’ and making it the most preferred bridal wear for every saree connoisseur.

Every motif in a traditional kanchipuram silk saree is inspired by the temples of Kanchipuram, like the stupendous temple border or the ingenious mythical creatures and traditional motifs imbibed in the saree, pallu and border.

Vaira Oosi – The Spell Caster:

The decades’ old design of Vairaoosi is brought back to life through the efforts of the beautiful minds of The S Studio. Vaira Oosi design implies the thin needle-like zari lines running parallel all along the warp portion of the body of the Kanchipuram Saree. The Vairaoosi Kanchi Silk Saree is adeptly woven with strands of zari to depict fine metallic and silken pinstripes throughout the entire length of the saree which is the foundation of the name ‘Vaira Oosi’ meaning ‘diamond needle’. Moreover, the ultimate aim of this warp technique is to add a shimmering effect of zari to the lustrous sheen of the silk warp, casting spells on the onlookers and wearer.

Vairaoosi Kanchi silk saree – a saree for generations:

The Vaira Oosi Kanchipuram Silk Saree is extensively used by generations as aheritage saree for special occasions like engagement, wedding and baby showers from mothers to daughters. Because of its rich pure zari and grandeur, this pure silk marvel renders a classic drape, binding generations of culture and love in its weave.

Buy Kanchipuram Silk Saree Online with this timeless design of Vaira Oosi only at The S Studio, and let your wardrobe be filled with history, tradition and legacy of a pure kanchipuram silk saree!

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