The S Studio’s Woman Of Substance – Vasudha Ravi

The S Studio’s Woman Of Substance – Vasudha Ravi

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She has been described as having a silken voice that she uses beautifully to produce a myriad of emotions! Meet the very talented Vasudha Ravi, one of the most promising young singers in the world of Carnatic music. Vasudha is very chirpy and full of joy and celebrates life with music. Let’s get to know more about her……

Tell us about your music journey?

I started learning music formally only from the age of 7 years from my Guru before which my initiation into music was at home through my mom and grandmother who used to teach me bajans. Somehow there was always a link with music at home. My Grand dad (paternal side) was a musician and my Dad wanted me to pursue music, so there was always encouragement from my parents to pursue it. While in school I did participate in many singing competitions and one thing lead to another. Eventually it lead to stage performances then Sabha performances.

What are your best memories of your childhood?

Childhood was surrounded by music. My Grand mom used to be a radio addict so there was music all day at home. While I started Carnatic music practice, my brother was learning to play the mridangam so we used to keenly follow all programmes on radio.  Those were the days of recording music from radio to cassettes, and we used to have fun doing it and training later by listening to it.

What does being a woman mean to you?

Being a woman I think is always awe-inspiring. We are good at so many things and constantly multi-task. I take extreme pride in being a woman. As we grow we face so many challenges and different situations yet we continue doing everything with ease and style. It is indeed amazing to be a woman!

Can you describe your first saree wearing experience?

The first time I wore a saree was for my twelfth standard farewell. It was green in colour with Rajasthani embroidery on the border and the best thing was I wore the saree with my grand mom’s blouse, it used to fit me to the T. I would also like to mention the saree that mom bought for me when I performed for the first time at the Music Academy in 2007 – a bottle green Kanchipuram silk saree with Rudraksham border. These are indeed special memories.

What does a saree mean to you?

Saree is all woman. It enhances a woman to the fullest and it makes any woman look her best. To me it is the height of femininity.

Describe your most favourite saree

Favorite saree would be the one that my husband got for me. A grey Chettinad cotton saree with navy blue border with diamond shapes in it.

What fabric do you like in a saree

Silk and cotton are preferred materials. Kanchipuram silk sarees are my all-time favourite.

A few words about your association with the S Studio

I got to know Subha through a fellow musician. What I really like about The S Studio is that each piece is unique and made from good quality materials. The richness of the fabric and the creativity of the designs speak for themselves. Subha is very passionate and creative and it stands out in making each piece unique. I especially love the pen painting in a silk saree – very unique and very different. I also love the kanjeevaram pattu sarees collection at The S studio

Check out Vasudha’s favourite Kanchipuram silk sarees at The S studio online.

Vasudha Ravi in conversation with Vidya Vijayragvan

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