The S Studio’s Woman Of Substance – Srilekha Madhav

The S Studio’s Woman Of Substance – Srilekha Madhav

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The S studio is bringing together a series featuring women with substance. Women who are walking the talk, empowering us with their stories of dedication, hard work and perseverance to achieve success in whatever they seek to do.

Presenting Srilekha Madhav, Behaviour Coach

Sri as she’s popularly known has dabbled in various fields from business journalism, HR to even teaching kindergarten before she decided to become a behaviour coach. She identifies and hones corporate leaders achieve their truest potential in their respective professions. She believes that helping others makes her be a better person.

How did you get started in this field?

I didn’t aspire to be in this field, this profession invited me with open arms and I embraced it wholeheartedly. While working as a kindergarten teacher sometime back, a colleague and a dear friend of mine pointed out to me that I have the potential to be a facilitator and she kept telling me how good I would be and urged me to give it a try. I did hesitate a bit initially but then after taking six months off I decided to take the plunge and give it a shot.

What inspires you/ drives you?

Challenges inspire me, as every day brings something new. It is humbling to realize that we play a small part in someone else’s success. That is the one satisfying thing about my profession.

What are your best memories of your childhood?

I was a free spirited child, I guess growing up in Triplicane also played a big part in it. There were lots of friends and relatives nearby –places to explore. I remember I used to love cycling the narrow roads, playing gilli dhanda with neighborhood friends, a typical tomboy.

Who is the one person who inspired you while growing up?

My mom is a multi-tasker and quite a multi-faceted personality so I grew up looking up to her. Interestingly I didn’t have any career ambitions at all while growing up. However, my mother-in-law was insistent that I should pursue a career. I have had strong women who supported me in my journey and want to thank them from the bottom of my heart for making me the person I am.

Can you describe your first saree wearing experience?

My first experience of wearing a saree was for my class 10 farewell. It was my aunt’s saree that I borrowed to wear, a green and brown combination in silk. I remember it so well and it is so vivid in my mind. I loved having the drape around me and it was an experience that I wanted more of.

What does a saree mean to you?

I love wearing sarees, I find it comfortable to the extent that I can wear it from early morning till late in the evening and not feel a thing! I still remember buying my first saree, a yellow and green block print cotton saree, which I still have. I wear only natural fabrics – cotton or silk. For work, I only wear sarees, a part of my power dressing! I feel sarees makes me feel dignified, extremely approachable and very sophisticated.

Describe your most favorite saree?

My oonjal saree, part of my wedding trousseau was especially designed and made for me. That still is, one of my absolute favorites. A beautiful creation in yellow and dark maroon. A great memory!

What fabric do you like in a saree?

Indian traditional sarees are so varied and so much to choose from! My choices are only cotton and silk. My all-time favorites, are Block printed tussar sarees, especially for work. I enjoy wearing pure Kanjivaram sarees as well on festive occasions. Colour-wise I am quite partial to off-whites.

Your association with The S Studio

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Srilekha Madhav in conversation with Vidya Vijayragvan

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