How To Preserve Your Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

How To Preserve Your Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

Silk sarees are an ever-favorite and worn for most festive occasions be it weddings, festivals, housewarming etc., it is cherished and revered and the process of procuring and weaving makes the fabric what it is, not to mention that silks sarees are expensive buys! Silk as a material is durable but delicate and one must take utmost care in preserving these gems to truly last the test of time. Nothing spells classy than wearing a Kanjeevaram silk saree which is a family heirloom, steeped in tradition and classic design.

The maintenance of a Kanchipuram silk saree is not a costly affair; some gentle care every now and then is all that is needed. A little goes a long way, below are few steps in taking care of silks

While Washing:

  1. Most people would prefer to dry clean their silk sarees but it is possible and lot more easy to get it cleaned at home as well.
  2. It is advisable to wash the sarees by hand in plain cold water for the first three washes.
  3. Do not machine wash silk sarees, it causes harm to the fabric due to their delicate nature.
  4. Diluted protein shampoo or soapnut powder (mixed in water) are good alternatives to using harsh soaps or detergents on silks.
  5. Never use a harsh brush on the saree as it will damage the delicate silk threads.
  6. Act on stains as soon as possible, in case of tea, coffee or gravy stains wash the stained portion with little petrol using a soft brush.
  7. In case of oil stains, sprinkle the portion with a little powder to absorb the oil and use diluted shampoo to wash the area.
  8. When washing use gentle movements and never make the mistake of wringing or twisting it.
  9. Dry the saree in a cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Ironing your silk saree:

  1. While ironing silk sarees, never move the iron in a back and forth motion as it can stretch the silk fabric and destroy the shape of the saree.
  2. Steam irons are preferable for ironing silk sarees; it takes care of the creases without stressing the fabric.

If done otherwise, use low heat else place a muslin or cotton fabric on top of the saree to take of the creases while ironing on a higher temperature.

Storing your silk saree:


  1. Wedding Silk sarees are best stored in a separate cloth bag with a non-metal hangar in a cool dry place. Metal hangars make deep creases on the saree, therefore cloth hangars are preferable.
  2. There are stylish cloth bags in breathable materials like cotton or muslin available in the market especially to store silk sarees. On a regular basis, make it a point to air and refold your sarees every 3-4 months, this will prevent it from forming deep creases and tearing in the fold lines.
  3. Do not apply perfumes/ deodorants directly on the silk sarees instead place scented sachets in corners of your cupboard to have a pleasant fragrance.
  4. Silicone gel sachets are also most useful in absorbing moisture in the cupboards; do place it in all corners of the cupboard.

The above steps can help one maintain the beauty and luster of your silk sari for decades to come. If you have any more tips do share it in the comments section of the blog.

The S Studio’s Kanjeevaram silk sarees collection has a wide variety on offer. Some of them are also given a special look with hand embroidery or made as cutwork sarees. Our designer Kanchipuram sarees are handwoven or handloom with the finest quality of silk thread and pure zari. . So when you purchase original silks, take little steps to preserve this wonderful fabric to make it last a considerable amount of time.

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