How To Choose A Stylish Kanchi Pattu Saree This Wedding Season

How To Choose A Stylish Kanchi Pattu Saree This Wedding Season

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With the wedding season dawning upon us in full swing, many of us are looking for unique sarees that are elegant and intricate. In many parts of India, the fabric of choice for weddings is usually silk, but if you would like to make it different then opt for a silk saree which is trendy yet ethnic.

The stunning collection of Kanchi pattu Sarees at The S Studio has some interesting options that lend themselves suitable for any occasion, be it casual wear, a wedding, or any festival.  The Kora Kanchi Sarees, simple Kanchi silks, and printed Kanchi sarees are obvious choices for their grand designs yet breathable weaves not compromising on the richness of the silk weave. There are Kanchipuram silk sarees for every occasion, be it traditional, in deep hues of maroon, mustard and green, synonymous with Kanchipuram silk sarees or pastel in cool, light shades of pink, grey, and lime green.

 Step into the limelight in a Kanchi Kora Silk Saree

The splendid Kanchi kora silk sarees or organza Kanchi sarees are made from pure mulberry silk similar to the Kanchipuram silk. Kora silk lends a delightful light and natural texture to the weave because of its light weighted nature. This makes the Kanchi kora silk saree very breathable as the silk is devoid of any added gum. Light weight Kora Kanchipuram silks come in vibrant hues of bubble gum pink, deep purple or pastel shades like elachi green and yellow with intricate buttas or traditional motifs all over the body.  The contrasting selvedge and a zari-rich pallu woven in pure Kanchipuram silk come together as a dainty and elegant ensemble.

The contemporary Kanchi kora silk saree can be paired with a simple sleeveless blouse for an evening occasion while a more traditional embroidered blouse will elevate the look for a festive day time celebration.


 Simple yet elegant Kanchi silk sarees

The ever-versatile pure Kanchi silk sarees without borders are simple, yet have a dazzling elegance to them. The body is adorned with simple thread lines or small elegant motifs. The pallu has pure zari giving it that touch of grandeur. Rich color combinations like reddish rose paired with a contrast peacock blue pallu are bound to brighten any bridal occasion. More uncommon hues like onion pink, dark magenta, or bottle green can even be worn even as a corporate wear.


Unique Printed Kanchi silks


Printed Kanchi silks are an amalgamation of the tradition of Kanchi silk sarees with an interesting twist. The body is block printed and has a contrast border. Block print on Kanchipuram silks is an interesting synergy of colours and techniques that come together beautifully.

Digital floral prints on Kanchi silks are attractive and unique in a wide range of vibrant colours. The florals lend an element of festivity to the Kanchi Silks and complement their colour combinations.

The coming together of a Kanchi silk saree with embellishments like embroidered or cutwork borders or pen kalamkari applique work or even hand-painted kalamkari results in beautiful, unique creations. An intricately extravagant hand-painted kalamkari applique work in the border and shoulder of a contrasting base of a Kanchipuram Saree lends itself as a great choice for a reception. These sarees are great for a party or an evening occasion and can be paired with a contemporary halter or high-neck blouse.

The S Studio take on Kanchipuram silk sarees

Kanchi pattu sarees with a contemporary twist are in vogue and The S studio is your one-stop shop for exquisite Kanchipuram silk sarees online.

Be it the elegant rustle of a Kanchi kora silk saree or an extravaganza in a block-printed Kanchi silk saree, The S Studio is your destination for the quest for unique and creative versions of Kanchipuram Silk sarees.

Stock up your wardrobe for the wedding season with unique Kanchipuram printed sarees or splendid Kora Kanchi silk sarees or simple Kanchi sarees without borders from The S studio.


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