Five Essential Silk Sarees to Begin Your Saree Collection

Five Essential Silk Sarees to Begin Your Saree Collection

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Embarking on the journey of wearing sarees is a significant step for every woman, marking a transition into elegance and tradition as she starts appreciating and enjoying the finesse of the six yards wonder.

Among the myriad of choices, silk sarees stand out for their timeless beauty and cultural significance. Not just garments but pieces of art, every saree spells a story of craftsmanship and heritage. For beginners, navigating the world of silk sarees can be overwhelming. This blog endeavours to showcase five beautiful kinds of silk sarees worth owning for their rich heritage, style and drape.

Luxurious elegance of Kanchipuram silk

Originating from Tamil Nadu, Kanchi pattu sarees are revered for their rich history and traditional craftsmanship. Woven with pure mulberry silk and embellished with intricate zari patterns, these sarees are a symbol of South Indian culture and heritage. Kanchipuram silk sarees stand out for their intricate handloom techniques, particularly their use of pure silver zari to adorn the sarees. The featured saree below is one masterpiece from Kanchipuram by 'The S Studio.'

This Vibrant Red Kanchipuram silk saree featuring a traditional blue korvai border, adding a striking contrast and elegance to the saree. The pallu and blouse of the saree are beautifully crafted in ananda blue, adorned with traditional zari elephant motifs. This saree is a must-have addition to any silk saree collection and is an ideal choice for bridal or special occasions. 

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Opulent beauty of Banarasi silk

Banarasi silk sarees, hailing from the city of Varanasi, are woven with gold and silver zari threads. These sarees feature intricate designs inspired by Mughal art and architecture. Banarasi silk sarees are a symbol of opulence and are considered representative of the rich cultural heritage of India.

Here is a Peach silver buttas banarasi silk saree with brocade blouse that showcases the rich weave of banarasi silk in a colour preferred by the young. Pair this with any neutral hued blouse and a string of pearls for the perfect drape for an evening party.

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Gadwal silk

The heritage of Gadwal silk sarees, originated from Telangana’s Jogulamba Gadwal district. Gadwal weavers intricately design the Shesha Vashathram for Lord Balaji of Tirupati during the Brahmotsavas. These sarees holds unique heritage motifs and traditional weaving techniques including kuttu weaving technique.

This bottle green handloom Gadwal silk saree, highlighted by a light blue Kuttu (Korvai in tamil) border. And the border enhanced with kuttu koma(temple border) and lovely creepers. The body of the saree showcases paisley and diamond motifs in gold and silver Zari. It has one side a shorter border and the other featuring a longer blue border with a thin selvedge makes it a timeless classics of silk sarees.

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Natural grace of Tussar silk

Tussar silk sarees, also known as ‘Kosa silk', are made from silk produced by wild silkworms. Sourced mainly from states like Bihar, Jharkhand, and West Bengal, these sarees have a light, textured feel making it a comfortable all day wear too.

The texture of tussar silk lends itself to myriad possibilities for fusion of techniques. The techniques include Jamdani, where additional threads are woven into the fabric to create beautiful motifs, and Kadhwa, which involves creating small decorative motifs using a shuttle. This red shibori tie and dye tussar silk saree features hand-painted Pichwai art of Krishna on the pallu. The saree is adorned with small mirror work throughout.

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Subtle charm of Soft silk

Soft silk sarees are known for their lightweight and smooth texture, making them comfortable to wear for long durations. Soft silk sarees come in a variety of designs and colors, blending traditional motifs with contemporary styles.

Here is a soft grey silk saree with a contrasting maroon border woven with floral motifs. The saree is adorned with traditional Meenakari butta and is highlighted by a grand pallu.

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Initiate your silk saree collection with The S Studio’s distinctive style

The S Studio presents a collection perfect for those beginning their saree journey, with its unique hues, prints, and techniques that are truly captivating from our handlooms.

For those seeking to gift or curate a timeless collection, The S Studio stands as an ideal companion.

Explore the S Studio online store for exquisite pure silk sarees certified with the silk mark of quality, showcasing diverse styles from across India. Curate a collection that embodies your individual style and charisma.

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