Cutwork On Silk Sarees | When Craft Meets Tradition

Cutwork On Silk Sarees | When Craft Meets Tradition

As more women embrace the folds of the most elegant of drapes, the saree has reinvented itself over time to cater to the modern woman’s needs. A woman’s first saree holds a special place in her heart. Light weight sarees that are easy to drape, festive look sarees and sarees in vogue are usually preferred by those beginning their saree collection.

As saree designs evolve to stay contemporary, the Cutwork saree has found widespread patronage in the West and is a favourite with universal appeal.

The cutwork silk sarees technique

The handcrafted cutwork saree is an interesting culmination of modern artwork techniques that are applied on a range of different weaves to produce interesting outcomes. As the name suggests, parts of the fabric are cut away to create a palette for embroidery or applique work.

The interesting aspect of this kind of saree is the manner in which fabric is cut and the raw edges worked upon. The cuts are left as is or filled with a lighter fabric depending on the pattern, size of the cut, etc. This kind of cutwork produces interesting texture and variation in colour when draped and is favoured by women across all age groups.

Cut work on Tussar sarees 

The raw and rustic look of Tussar lends itself beautifully to this technique resulting in beautiful Tussar Cutwork Sarees.
This brown Tussar Silk Saree with Cutwork is elegance personified. Pair it with a neutral blouse and a string of pearls to pull off a corporate look with aplomb.
For a more festive occasion, this sky blue cutwork Tussar saree with floral prints and hand mirror embroidery highlighting all over is an excellent choice. The mirror work will catch the light and create a shimmery texture to the saree which elevates the allure of the drape. It can be paired with a neutral blouse in contemporary styles like halter or spaghetti or even a deep stark contrast pink hue with puff sleeves.

Cutwork Kanchi Silk sarees 

Cut work on Kanchi silks is like a contemporary twist on a traditional weave and is most popular among saree patrons who appreciate unique kanchipuram silks.
This Captivating parrot green kanchi silk saree with royal blue zari pallu has cutwork along the edges of the border is a wonderful option for a bright sunny wedding. Pair it with a contrast traditional blouse and gold jewellery for an ethnic look.

Cutwork on other fabrics 

While cutwork on Tussar and Kanchi silks is most popular, it is also done on cotton or organza fabric. Pretty pastel colours are popular in organza sarees while bright spring colours are preferred too. The cutwork designs are floral or geometric based on the overall design of the saree.

Different variations like tissue applique work with creative embroidery on matching hues or Intricate floral cutwork embroidery on the border or delicate paisley cutwork on the pallu are showstoppers in their own right when it comes to cutwork sarees.

Here is a Pastel Orange Organza Cutwork Saree with a deep olive-green border that is unique, festive and stands out. It is paired with a contrast blouse which also has work on its borders. The kalamkari applique cutwork is the highlight in this saree and could be sported by women of all ages.

Cutwork Sarees Online Shopping at The S Studio

The cutwork saree collection online at The S studio has unique pieces which creatively combine two or more techniques. Examples are Tussar silk sarees with kalamkari and cutwork hand embroidery saree or a traditional Kanchipuram silk saree with tissue applique on cutwork embroidery.

The weaves can be customized and shipped across the world as gifts or for self-purchases.
If you are looking for contemporary Cutwork silk sarees that are unique and handcrafted, look no further than the S studio. Check the diverse collection online and add some interesting sarees that are handcrafted to your collection.

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